Why Sellers Choose Us

Unbeatable Marketing Plan, Personalized Service, Local Market Expertise

Well into our second decade, our team concept provides a superior level of service for both sellers and buyers. Each team member has specific responsibilities that are aligned to their strengths. Clients receive more detailed attention. The result is obvious with over 3,500 families that have successfully closed on their homes with the assistance of David Brenton’s Team.

If you are seeking to sell a home in the Indianapolis or Greenwood real estate market, you will find our team can help you reach your goals. Our team members live and work in the same marketplace. They are motivated to achieve the best sales price with the best terms. Home values are important to all of us as well as maintaining a strong marketplace.

For sellers who are building a home in the Indianapolis Metro real estate market, you may want to consider our Guaranteed Sale Program and learn how you can move more quickly with the assurance that you won’t own two homes.

All agents are NOT the SAME

Most sellers think that all real estate agents are the same and end up working with an inexperienced agent who lacks the knowledge, experience and resources to produce a successful sale. It is important to know that all agents are not the same. In fact, there is a large gap between the good and the bad.

David Brenton’s Team far exceeds the average. We succeed where others fail. We don’t settle for average and you shouldn’t either.

Who you hire matters! Choose wisely. Compare real estate agents that you are considering giving the important task of selling your home. Click here for a list of questions to ask on your listing interview to help you gauge an agent’s ability to successfully sell your house.

Marketing your home requires MORE than the MLS

Selling your home in today’s ever-changing, web-enabled, 24/7 online world requires marketing your home in more places than just the MLS. However, many real estate agents rely on this exposure as their only form of ‘marketing’.

Research shows that 87% of home buyers search extensively online during their home buying process. However, traditional agents have not adapted their marketing to reach today’s buyers. The competency of your agent in the areas of online marketing, social media and non-traditional exposure will make the difference in today’s real estate market.

Who you hire matters! Choose wisely. Review our Marketing Plan to see how David Brenton’s Team has transformed our marketing approach to best sell your home in today’s market.

Selling your home is NOT a ONE man job

David learned years ago that to successfully market, negotiate, sell and close homes, it takes the work of a dedicated team. The level of satisfaction that we strive for is beyond the scope of one person. We know what is required to take care of our customers – and it is a team effort.

With so many details and such an important goal at hand, David Brenton’s Team works together towards a common purpose – selling your home.