What is Market Value?

true market value is what a buyer is willing to pay

Market Value can be determined and influenced by:

Today’s market, today’s competition, today’s financing, today’s economic conditions
As well as the buyer’s perception of the condition of the home,
And the home’s location, normal marketing time and showing accessibility.

The market value of your home is NOT:

What you have in it; what you need out of it; nor what you want for it.
It is not what it appraised for, how much its insured for, nor what the tax office says its worth.
It is not what you heard your neighbor’s house sold for nor what your mortgage balance is.
It is not based on memories and treasures, nor based on prices of homes where you are moving.

As a seller, you do not control:

Market conditions, the motivation of your competition, value.

Ways to help your home sell:

By improving the condition dramatically. By offering good terms.
By improving the way the home shows and the availability for showings.
By adjusting the price.

As a seller, you control:

The price you ask, condition of the property and access to the property.
You also control which REALTOR you choose to market and sell your home.