Preparing For Showings

Homes sell more quickly & for higher prices when they show their best!

It’s important that your home shows well. We are also aware that it can’t always be “showroom” perfect. After all, you and your family must live there, too. Develop a routine that will allow you to pick up and be prepared to show in a reasonable period of time without the duress of a 45 minute countdown, for example. This means that certain things must be done in advance. This way you can be prepared for each showing in an organized, no-hassle routine.

Light is important – Turn on all lights – even those in closets and storage rooms. Open all drapes, shades and blinds. Do all that you can to create a bright room by adding the ambiance of light.

Air is necessary – The air should be not too hot & not too cold. Have the thermostat set at a moderate temperature for the season. The air should not smell – have a fresh fragrance in the house. Keep air fresheners in closets, bathrooms and the kitchen. Be especially careful to keep kitchen odors pleasant.

Pick-up every room – Check counters, floors, halls and stairs. Straighten up or remove newspapers, magazines, mail, toys, clothing, recreational gear, snacks, glasses and dishes. Don’t overlook the entryway – it’s the first and last impression that your buyers will have of your home – make it a good one!

The bedrooms – Make up the beds, neatly and attractively, early in the morning. This is a job you don’t want to have to do when you learn that the buyers will be there within an hour.

The kitchen – Be sure all countertops are clear and “squeaky clean”. Wipe down appliances and faucets. Be sure all dishes are in the dishwasher or cleaned and put away. The sink should be clear and clean. Please be sure wastebaskets are emptied and garbage is in a sealed trash recepticle to avoid smell.

The bathrooms – Keep a set of fresh, attractive towels in each room that you can change instantly. Bleach any stains in the sink, tub, and shower. Remove mineral deposits, mildew and grime from the shower walls. Wipe down faucets and clean mirrors.

Laundry & Carpet – Get dirty laundry into the washer, but do not run it during the showing. Keep the laundry area clear and neat. Lint is easily trapped by carpets and creates an un-kept appearance – run the vacuum quickly if time allows.

Pets – Your family pet can be a tremendous distraction for prospective buyers. If at all possible, remove the pet from your home during showings. Also, be mindful to have pet deposits cleaned up. No one will want to smell or take home any deposits made in the litter or in the backyard.