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Ask Your Potential Listing Agent these important questions

When you are ready to sell your home, it is important who you choose to market it for sale. Not all agents provide the same level of service that you will find at David Brenton’s Team. Ask every Metro Indy real estate agent that you interview these questions to uncover their competency and skill in helping you sell your home.

Q: Is Real Estate your full-time profession?
A: At David Brenton’s Team, we hold ourselves to very high standards which includes a commitment to Real Estate that can only be achieved by dedicating full-time attention to the profession. You can read more about our amazing team of real estate professionals on our Meet the Team page.

Q: How many homes have you listed in the past six months? How many have you sold?
A: You may wonder why this question is important. Let me explain. David often compares real estate to brain surgery. He asks, if you are told that you must have brain surgery and are given the ability to chose your surgeon – would you pick a well-known surgeon with a proven-track record, countless successes, and satisfied patients OR a surgeon who performs surgery a few times a year in between other jobs, commitments and distractions? Successful performance matters.

We consistently help 100+ families buy and sell a home every year. We view that not as bragging rights, but as evidence of our ability to take care of our clients.

Q: Beyond the MLS, how else will you expose my property to the market?
A: In addition to the traditional methods of marketing (signage, MLS, etc.) we utilize social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), listing syndication, and search engine optimization to maximize the exposure of your home to BOTH the physical and virtual market of potential buyers.

Social media is a critically important tool in today’s social media-driven culture. We use Facebook and Twitter to market and publicize our listings. Plus a tour of every home is available on YouTube.

Through our online partnerships and listing syndication, our listings are fed to a vast network of real estate websites and real estate related search sites providing 24/7 exposure throughout the world. Our website is regularly updated and new blog articles are added nearly every day which increases traffic and exposure of our listings.

Q: What are your real estate accomplishments?
A: We believe every satisfied client is an accomplishment and sign of a job well done. We strive for excellent customer service for every single one of our clients. You can read client testimonials and even submit your own on our Testimonials page.

We’re not ones to brag, but we have a proven track record of success. Not only do we outperform the traditional Agent 10 to 1, but our awards received, industry recognition, and production levels are proven measures of our skill. You can see a list of our accolades on our Accomplishments page.

Q: What else should I know about how you?
A: We offer an “Easy Out” listing agreement so that if at any point during the listing period you are unsatisfied with our services and want to go in another direction, you simply need to notify us and within 24 hours we will release you from your contract. We aren’t here to hold your home hostage – we are here to get it sold.

We offer all of our clients (as well as charitable organizations) free use of our moving truck. It is booked on a first-come, first-served basis; so be sure and reserve your moving date as soon as possible.

We believe in operating at the top of our game and staying on top of real estate trends and changes. We attend the bi-annual continuing education courses as well as obtaining real estate specific designations. David has quite the alphabet of designations; you can read more about them on his bio.

Q: How do you show homes, market and sell listings, negotiate contracts, read inspection reports, communicate effectively, follow-up on listing inquiries, respond to questions from other agents, request feedback, update your website, attract prospects, cultivate leads, adopt new technologies, stay current with social media, learn about changes in your profession, ensure quality control, eat, sleep, breathe…in other words, how do I know you have the capacity to take care of all of my real estate needs?
A: We think you get our point … to be an excellent real estate agent is beyond the scope of one person. So we ask, why hire an individual agent to do what they can fit into their day, when for the same price, you can hire an entire team of professionals with a proven track record? If you have any additional questions, please contact us.