Role of a Buyer Specialist

A Free Service for Home Buyers

A Buyer Specialist is a licensed real estate agent specializing in the buying and closing process and the availability of prospective homes. The best part of working with a Buyer Specialist is the individualized service from the Buyer Specialist and David Brenton’s Team. Plus, this service is FREE to home buyers. We watch out for your best interests and strive to protect you and your home investment. We work together to achieve one common goal: your complete satisfaction!

David Brenton’s Team built our business by determining what people need and want and finding the best way to give it to them.

Buying a new home can be more than just a financial decision. That is why it is important to choose the right real estate representative–one who is willing to help you accomplish what you have decided are your goals. Your full-service real estate agent must put all the pieces together by being your personal expert in the following areas:

Personal Property Specialist
Closing Transaction Manager
Community Consultant
Experienced Negotiator
Trusted Advisor and Consultant
Real Estate Professional

The lone-agent concept just does not get the job done in today’s marketplace. David Brenton’s Team is dedicated to providing the best real estate service and advice. Working as a team, we easily provide full service representation to our clients. The team approach provides top-dollar value for the same price as a single agent.